SolAres, a joint venture between Solgeo and Aresys, is the supplier of e-vpms®: Eni's innovative technology for Pipeline Leak Detection and Pipeline Integrity Monitoring. Already deployed worldwide on over 1200km of pipelines, the technology proved to dramatically reduce the number of Third Party Interferences and their economic and reputational impacts.


ARESYS, Advanced REmote-sensing SYStems, is a Politecnico di Milano spin-off company, operating since 2003 in the field of industrial monitoring & control, earth observation and geophysics. ARESYS designs and implements ad-hoc monitoring solutions, at both HW & SW level, exploiting cutting-edge sensing technologies like microwave Radar/SAR imaging, seismic surveys and vibroacoustic analyses. ARESYS can count on a group of around 50 high skilled professionals, composed by top-level engineers, physicists and computing science experts.

Solgeo, Soluzioni geofisiche, was founded in 2001 as a spin-off of the division of applied geophysics of ISMES SpA (Enel Group). Solgeo designs and manufactures geophysical instrumentation and systems for the dynamic monitoring of soil, structures and buildings. Further provides services and investigations of Applied Geophysics. In addition Solgeo is involved in research and development of integrated systems in the oil and gas industry. Solgeo can relies on a team of technicians of around 15 high skilled professionals (constituted by electronics and software engineers, geophysicists, and other experts) with experience in the development and production of dynamic monitoring systems and geophysical equipment.